Our Services

We treat adults, adolescents and children.

Appointments are available during the day and evening.

Services are available in English and in French.

Most clients are referred by their physician, but a referral is not necessary.

For problems treated, please visit our “Treatment for Common Problems Section”. In brief, we provide treatment for the full spectrum of anxiety and mood disorders, as well as for low self-esteem, anger, relational difficulties, sleep disorders, and eating disorders except anorexia. We do not treat alcohol or drug addictions, and we are not specialized in the treatment of personality disorders.

Making the First Contact

Ms. Ruby Clark, our Clinic Coordinator, is responsible for the initial contact with clients. You can easily reach her at (514) 485-7772 Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. You may also leave a message for her at any time or e-mail her at

Determining the fee

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable services. The fee for service is based on family income, and ranges from $135 to $155. For evening appointments (after 5:00 pm), a convenience fee of $25 is added to the cost.

If you have an insurance plan, “Psychological Services” may be covered. In general, 30-80% of the fees are covered, to a yearly maximum of $500 to $1,000, depending on the company and the plan. Check with your company’s group benefits administrator or your insurance provider for coverage details. We will gladly provide you the necessary receipts.

The evaluation process

Before beginning therapy, it is necessary for to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. The goal of the evaluation is to identify your needs, ensure that Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an appropriate and effective treatment, and to determine which one of our psychologists would be the best suited to helping you.

The evaluation is done through psychometric tests and a meeting with a psychologist. Since our clinic is affiliated with the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), interns in psychology, counselling, or psychiatry, may be present with your consent. The cost of the evaluation is 215$.

Your therapist will be pleased to verbally share the results of your evaluation with you in the first therapy session. However, please note that the evaluation is part of the therapy process. We do not provide a written report or offer psychological evaluation services per se.


Initially, the goal is to gain a clear understanding of the target problem and its maintaining factors. We often work to increase your awareness of your thoughts, your behaviors, and your moods, and how these interact. Each week, you may be asked to keep a record of your thoughts and/or of your symptoms.

You then begin to learn some cognitive and behavioral strategies, selected based on your needs and goals, and are asked to put these into practice during the week. Your therapist’s role is to provide expert guidance, support and encouragement.

Once the treatment goal(s) have been reached, your therapist may suggest scheduling one or two monthly sessions, to ensure that gains are maintained.


Your records are kept in a safe place that ensures confidentiality. Only our clinic director, Dr. Luisa Cameli, and your therapist may access your record, unless you provide us with written permission to share information with another professional or third party, unless subpoenaed, or unless there is a clear threat to safety.


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