Testimonial Jeanne B.

I consulted the clinic regarding a growing fear of heights, driving over some bridges, and being near edges. My “coach” Philippe Gilchrist, is knowledgeable and skilful, professional in approach, and has an easy manner that creates confidence. He taught me the breathing techniques I needed to learn and then, during driving practice sessions, pointed out when I was dong fine even though I didn’t feel it, pointed out when I needed to practice my new skills, and generally provided me with supportive and well paced guidance, delivered with just the right touch of firmness and humour. He readily drew on knowledge from physiology, psychology, and anthropology to answer my many questions. The situations described are ongoing challenges to some extent as I am not in them regularly enough to be able to eradicate whatever neural connections are at work. However, my fear lessened and I gained confidence that I can manage a little better the anxiety these situations engender in me. I am very appreciative of the work of your clinic and especially that of Philippe Gilchrist. This is an important public health service.

From Jeanne B.

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