Every therapist holds a Graduate Degree, either an M.A. or M.Ed. and/or a Ph.D. or Ed.D., and is a member in good standing of a professional order such as the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) or the Order of Counselors of Quebec (OCCOPPQ).

While each team member brings unique talent and expertise to our team, every cognitive-behavior therapist is knowledgeable and experienced in treating the problems presented in the Treatment page.

Below is a list of current staff members.

Dr. Luisa Cameli, Ph.D. – Director of the Clinic and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology of McGill University

Ruby Clark – Clinic Administrator

Julia McNally – Clinic Receptionist


Luisa Cameli, Ph.D.

Lucy Cumyn, Ph.D.

Michael Enright, M.Ed.

Susan Freitag, M.A.

Sophie Galiana, M.Ed.

Debra Gartenberg, M.A.

Shahrzad Irannejad, Ph.D.

Paul Lafontaine, M.Ed.

Francine MacInnis, Ph.D.

Lisa-Marie Sauvé, M.A.

Esther Yakobov, Ph.D.

Maïté Petit, M.A.

Clélie Bigo, M.A.


Danielle Rice, McGill University

Martha Giraldo-O’Meara, Universitat de València

Aiden Mehak, McGill University

Amanda Simundic, McGill University

Ariel Boyle, Concordia University

Daysi Zentner-Zuniga, McGill University

Émilie Fletcher, McGill University

Erin Macdonald, McGill University