Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Children:


We offer evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral treatments for children with behavior problems.

Treatments typically consist of 10-12 50-minutes sessions involving the child and one or both parents (and sometimes other family members).

The aim of the therapy is to help children (and help parents help their children) to develop better self-regulation abilities. This is achieved by equipping parents with basic techniques to limit problem behaviors, encourage good behavior, and strengthen relationships, while helping children to develop better understanding of their behavior and its consequences.

Therapy involves training in communication, limit-setting, sensitivity, and play.


We offer evidence-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for school-age children suffering from anxiety.

The treatment is designed to help children
(1) recognize anxious feelings and physical reactions to anxiety;
(2) clarify cognition in anxiety-provoking situations;
(3) develop a plan to help cope with the situation; and
(4) evaluate performance and administering self-reinforcement as appropriate.

The intervention uses behavioral training strategies, such as modeling real-life situations, role-playing, relaxation training, and contingent reinforcement.

The treatment typically consists of 10 – 20 sessions. The first few sessions involve an introduction to the basic concepts and skills of CBT. The following sessions involve practicing this skill set in a variety of contexts including imaginary and real-life situations.

Throughout the treatment, the therapist is sensitive to the needs of the individual child, knowing how to customize the experience so the child is able to work through his or her difficulties in a warm and supportive setting.