A neuropsychological evaluation consists of a battery of standardized tests that are administered to identify your strengths and weaknesses relative to a normative sample. Different dimensions can be assessed such as IQ and memory (verbal and non-verbal), executive functions (things like planning, sequencing, etc), processing speed, motor skills, etc.

It is useful following a brain injury, like a concussion, in cases of suspected dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), in cases of suspected ADHD, in cases of epilepsy, or simply to establish a baseline to then be able to monitor cognitive changes over the years.

Our neuropsychologists have a PhD and a license specific for Neuropsychology from the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.

The cost is determined based on the extensiveness of the testing needed and ranges between $2,500 to 5,000. A neuropsychological evaluation involves many hours of testing, scoring, analyzing the results, looking at their cohesiveness and how they fit with other data and the context of the evaluation, writing a report that includes recommendations, and having a feedback session to present to you the results.

While most of our clients have a referral from their GP, neurologist or psychiatrist, a referral is not necessary. You can contact our receptionist, Caitlin Miller at or (514) 485-7772 to give her your contact details so that one of our neuropsychologists can contact you to understand your needs and explain what a neuropsychological evaluation would entail for you specifically.