Our internship program is small, with two to four students per year. Interns are primarily Ph.D. Psychology students from the four major Montreal Universities, or other Canadian or American Universities, and occasionally students from the Counseling program. Some of our interns are practicing psychologists, counselors, or social workers, wishing to train in CBT.

In summary

The pre-doctoral internship is a 12-month, half time, 1,000-hour program. The practicum is a ½ to 1 day per week, 8-month program. The intern’s individual training needs are discussed with the director prior to commencing the internship. Fixed regular weekly activities include rounds, supervision, and assessments. There are also monthly Journal Clubs where therapists and interns discuss one or two articles. Practicum students take on a maximum of 2-4 therapy cases at a time. Pre-doctoral students eventually carry a caseload of 10-12 cases.

The goal of the program is to train interns to accurately assess candidates for CBT, and to then develop their skills at case conceptualization, treatment planning and treatment. Interns are exposed to a broad range of CBT treatments and through directed readings develop knowledge of CBT theory and familiarity with the main evidence-based published protocols.

A special feature of our training program is that interns are given the opportunity to observe, in-session, a senior therapist conducting therapy (i.e., the client, therapist, and intern, are in the same room). The intern is able to watch in-vivo the different CBT techniques being applied, such as relaxation, cognitive re-structuring, desensitization, etc. Interns are guaranteed to observe at least one therapy case during their internship. If the opportunity arises, they may observe more than one case; and they may have a therapist observe them.

Application Procedure for the Clinical Internship

Interested applicants for the internship or practicum need to send in their curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts of both their graduate and undergraduate studies, and three letters of recommendation. For an internship beginning in September, these documents need to be received by January 1st 2019.

Please send materials to:

Dr. Luisa Cameli, Clinical Director
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Clinic
Queen Elizabeth Health Complex, Suite 261
2100 Marlowe Avenue
Montreal, QC
H4A 3L5