The benefits of opting for an intern therapist

The Emotional Health CBT Clinic proudly collaborates with Canadian Universities such as McGill University, Concordia University, UQAM, Yorkville University, etc. to offer specialized training in CBT to graduate students in Clinical Psychology or Counselling, and to practicing therapists who want to gain expertise in CBT. Each intern is stringently selected, highly motivated to provide effective treatment, and very closely supervised. We value our role in training the next generation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists.

As a client, we know that you take your treatment seriously and that the decision to be treated by an intern therapist is something that you consider carefully. Many people might assume that being treated by an intern means compromising on quality or effectiveness of treatment. Did you know that studies have shown that outcomes for treatment with an intern therapist are just as good as those with a licensed therapist? (Öst, Karlstedt & Widén, 2011; Owen, Kopta, Wampold & Rousmaniere, 2016) Intern therapists are up to date with the latest available research and cutting edge therapy techniques, sometimes even more so than licensed therapists. They are also supervised by licensed therapists on a weekly basis, allowing them to ensure that they are providing you with the best quality of treatment possible. If you are looking for high-quality treatment from an enthusiastic therapist who is well-informed and motivated to see you achieve your therapeutic goals, then we highly recommend considering an intern therapist!